Follow Hollow Socks Review

My Follow Hollow Sock Review is as follows. Skip to the end to grab the conclusion, but this review isn’t that long anyways! The socks arrived this past Thursday that I ordered through the kickstarter campaign. Today is my 4th day of wearing them. These are my impressions so far. I will update this review as I gather more information about the socks from adventures, camping, and backpacking.

Follow Hollow Initial Quality Review

The quality versus “big box” socks is apparent quickly. You can feel the quality when you pick the socks up to handle them, and when you wear them. After 3-4 days wearing them all day(16+ hours) with no washing, they have started to pill. I’m not sure if this is a major concern for me, but given the price I am a bit surprised. Overall the quality of the Follow Hollow Socks doesn’t seem to beat out my other higher quality socks that I wear regularly. Time will tell more about the quality of these socks. Check back in 6-12 months and I’ll have some better information!

Follow Hollow Comfort Review

The comfort of these socks is fine, I guess? I actually feel like my feet are sweatier wearing these. Maybe that’s because they’re wicking the moisture away quickly and it feels cool due to air flow. I will also comment on the size of the socks. I ordered the medium size. Here is what Follow Hollow states as their sizing:

  • Medium
    • US Mens: 8-10
    • US Womens: 7-10
  • Large
    • US Mens: 10.5-13
    • US Women’s: 10.5-12

I personally wear a size 10 shoe, but found that the medium is tighter than I like my socks to be. I would love to try out the large size to see if that makes a difference for me, but at $25/pair this medium will have to prove itself first!

Final Thoughts and Video Review

They’re fine. Not mind blowing or revolutionary for me. Time will tell on quality. I would say that if you have tried all of the other less expensive high quality socks options and they don’t work for you, try out the Follow Hollows. Make sure you get the right size!

If you want to buy or read their marketing material, here’s a direct link to the Follow Hollow Socks website.

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