Join us for a short camping trip to Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas.

A quick trip with friends to camp outside always makes for good memories. This was a quick trip for us as we both needed to be back for Saturday night engagements, so we arranged to leave our day jobs a bit early on Friday and headed out to Texas hill country.

Krause Springs in Spicewood is only a short 45 minute drive from Austin(where we’re from) so we arrived by 5pm. A quick survey of the land to choose our campsite, unload our gear to set up camp, and we were soon headed towards the beautiful butterfly and wind chime gardens.

Dual hammock camping setup at Krause Springs
Dual hammock setup at Krause Springs

Krause Springs Hiking

After a walk down an old stone wall, we wound up at an amazing hollowed out Cypress tree larger enough to fit 5-6 people inside of. It seems someone had a fire in there at some point(not cool, man.). But amazing to be inside of!

Person inside hollowed out cypress tree
Hollowed out cypress tree at Krause Springs

We finally made our way down to the springs and just enjoyed the sound of the waterfall for a while. Now this is what nature is about!

This waterfall has big stalactites hanging down, no doubt hundreds of years old. Krause Springs is all natural and flows year round. Plenty of limestone to produce more of those stalactites!

Waterfall at Krause Springs

Campsites, fires, and Krause Springs

Back to camp. Get a fire going. Talk to some neighbors and help them get a fire going because they forgot their lighter and had no kindling. Note to readers: always remember fire!

An easy evening around the fire was just what we needed after 2 absolutely crazy months of work for both of us.

Sitting by the campfire at Krause Springs
Campfire at Krause Springs

We slept in pretty late the next morning because we had seen that a storm was supposed to be rolling in around 4am and out around 8am. When we finally got out of our hammocks after 8:30 the sky was split, but no rain. The fire was restarted from coals we’d hid the night before under some rocks, and breakfast was an awesome hash of Texas venison, potatoes, onions, fried eggs, and avocado.

Breakfast hash krause springs camping with venison, potatoes, eggs, onion, and avocado

Spend the next 5 hours chasing snakes, swimming, jumping off rope swings, and making new friends. To me, that’s an ideal Saturday. Check out these splashes!

After some long naps in the hammocks, it was finally time to leave. We’ll be back Krause Springs.

I highly recommend that if you’re ever in the central Texas region and have the time that you stop by Krause Springs. Even if you can’t camp overnight, Krause offers amazing gardens, swimming, and beautiful nature scenes.

Krause Springs Waterfall Funny Face

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