Backpacking Big Bend National Park

Backpacking in Big Bend brought me so many new experiences. Day 3 of backpacking Big Bend National Park would be our final day inside the Chisos Mountain Range. The night before we ran into the largest black bear I’ve ever seen, and went to bed listening to every sound outside of our tent very carefully. […]

Backpacking The Chisos Mountains Day 2

Weather during October at Big Bend is apparently unpredictable in terms of temperature. The thermometer showed 29 degrees inside the tent, thankfully the Texas sun would soon be up. Opening the zipper revealed the view from our Toll Mountain campsite. Superb. The visibility had increased dramatically from yesterday, and we could easily see 10-20 miles […]

Backpacking the Chisos Basin

Backpacking in the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park is amazing. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend the trip. The Chisos Mountain Range is the only mountain range completely contained within a national park in the U.S. Arrival Riding into the park is like being on another planet. Stretching desert landscapes […]